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Data Scientist

Data is big business. To a company looking to compete with large global players, the advantage of focused and accurate insight can make the difference between a tech phenomenon and a failure. But you already knew that, didn’t you. That’s because you have a deep knowledge (and joy) in reconciling seemingly disparate data sources and, like a beam of light in the dark, bring clarity to complex problems. Having previously been able to understand a company’s data sets and how they relate to a business’ priorities, you were then able to ensure timely support to decision makers. Knowing that data is the means to success, you visualised and automated the flows of information and were able to test and adjust as the situation changed. As you have likely accrued some interdisciplinary experience you will be able to help in the design, modelling and aggregating of our current and future data needs. Ultimately you will help shape how we as a company both use and view data. We want you to be the architect of something truly exceptional.





Gym membership, training and development, medical examination



Ensure rigor in the qualification and integrity of data.

Aligning and identifying data to support business objectives

Responsible for data technology (CRM, Marketing Automation etc) Support analysis of data to provide on-point, actionable insights

The visualisation of data for both standardised and bespoke report analysis

Regular audits of data and sources to ensure gaps or inconsistencies are quickly identified and actioned

Partner with Marketing, Sales and Customer Support to ensure the correct use and interruption of information

Ensure that data flows reach the correct endpoint to inform the relevant departments or decision makers

Explore creative uses of information to uncover the counter-intuitive or thought-provoking insights to support product development and marketing content

Ensure we are compliant with current and future data laws and regulations



  • At least 3-5 years of Data Architecture or Data Systems Engineering
  • Bachelor’s degree in a Data related field
  • Experience in setting up data platforms and systems
  • Proven track record of identifying the data needed to understand and track business objectives
  • Exceptional writing and communication skills
  • Creative problem solver
  • Strong detail and process orientation, able to manage time, budget and projects effectively
  • Experience working with a SaaS and/or Tech startup environment a plus
  • Experience working with CRM systems with a working knowledge of Salesforce preferable
  • Experience working in R, SQL, Python, Tableau
  • At ease with complex data related issues within a fast-paced environment