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Salesforce to Google DFP Sales Connector

Maximize your investment in both Salesforce and Google DoubleClick for Publishers (DFP) with a seamless “ready-to-go” Connector from CloudSense. Create an uninterrupted bi-directional integration between Salesforce Opportunities and DFP Sales – enabling sales teams to create proposals, orders and forecast accurately without a swivel chair system. Improve order acceptance rates by maintaining data integrity in DFP and manage in-flight changes elegantly while retaining a single view of the customer.

Ensure accuracy by completing opportunities in Salesforce with products and rate cards mastered in DFP through flexible and robust field mapping between the two best in class solutions. Safeguard the inventory available in DFP by enabling approval from DFP to take place in Salesforce, without the need to double key or manually enter orders, meaning Sales teams only need access to Salesforce and Ad Ops only need access to DFP and not vice versa.



Salesforce to DFP Sales Connector benefits by role

CloudSense Salesforce to DFP Sales Connector significantly improves the productivity and accuracy of sales, ad operations and leadership in digital media organisations.

CloudSense Salesforce to DFP Sales Connector key features

CloudSense Salesforce to DFP Sales Connector is robust and flexible, delivering a seamless link between Salesforce and DFP sales, streamlining the entire Ad booking process.