We are CloudSense

Introducing CloudSense

CloudSense is a leader in Salesforce-native Omnichannel Commerce. The CloudSense platforms deliver transformational sales effectiveness for companies selling products and services from high volume consumer sales to sophisticated business subscriptions.

Companies benefit from higher order values, reduced order errors, increased automation of sales processes and quicker product launches. The customer purchase journey is optimized with a single product catalogue across all sales channels; customers end up with one order and one bill.

Integrating into CRM, ERP and other systems the CloudSense platforms provide companies with a powerful Commerce SaaS capability for sales teams, e-commerce, mobile workforce, Service agents, retail, reseller and telephone sales. CloudSense goes beyond Configure Price Quote (CPQ) with intelligent sales, contract and order management for any channel.

With offices across the world and customers in over 30 countries, CloudSense has grown quickly and been recognised by numerous awards.


Who we are

CloudSense was born because a company knew that it needed to change the experience it gave to customers, what it knew about them, how it sold and then delivered to them.

It started when a Communication Service Provider was acquired by a leading broadcaster. They had disjointed legacy systems. Information was lost in silos, processes were slow and clunky and innovation was stymied. I joined to lead the transformation, to make a step change in the technology and to give the customers the experience they wanted.

Developing their own systems had failed to keep pace with innovation. On-premise solutions were expensive and slow to implement. Cloud based Software as a Service (SaaS) was quickly maturing and showed that there was better way.

We delivered. Bringing together a best of breed cloud based BSS architecture with Salesforce at the center that delivered almost everything that was needed. Almost.

There was a gap. Nothing could deliver the product catalog, manage multiple sales channels and manage orders post-sale for a complex company with sophisticated products.

Alex, Fawzi, Davor and I started CloudSense to help other companies on the journey we had been through. To deliver the cloud based commerce capability they need, on Salesforce.

We are a full service ISV working hand in hand with clients or with partners. Our people help our customers and partners implement and support CloudSense. They also use our expertise to help our customers with Salesforce and other leading SaaS vendors.

Today I am proud to say that our people and technology have enabled us to help companies in a range of industries around the world to make the commerce transformation and deliver that experience their customers are asking for.

Richard Britton, CloudSense CEO & Co-Founder


Meet the exec team who lead CloudSense each and every day. Our people are the driving force of our success, bringing together vision and experience with a passion for our customers.