Joining-up customer journeys to exceed expectations

Liquid Telecom

Liquid Telecom is a leading communications services and solutions provider across 13 countries in Eastern, central and Southern Africa that serves carrier, enterprise and retail customers with high-speed, reliable connectivity and digital services.

It has built Africa’s largest independent fibre network, spanning over 50,000km, and operates state-of-the-art data centres in Johannesburg, Cape Town and Nairobi, with a combined 6,800 square metres of rack space. This is in addition to leading cloud-based services, such as Microsoft Office365 and Microsoft Azure, and innovative digital content provision, including Netflix, NBA, TED and Kwese Play.

Through this combined offering, Liquid Telecom is enhancing customers’ experience on their digital journey.

Liquid Telecom select CloudSense to transform end-to-end sales processes across regions

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    Liquid Telecom has selected CloudSense to reinvent its sales processes and deliver a seamless customer experience as the organization grows both organically and through acquisition.

    CloudSense’s Salesforce-native platform will automate and standardize Liquid Telecom’s end-to-end sales processes and assist in establishing a holistic approach that will ease the onboarding of new companies. In doing so, CloudSense will help the organization to continue exceeding customer expectations with an unrivalled experience for customers across Africa and beyond.

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    Joining-up the customer journey with a seamless sales process

    Liquid Telecom, the Best African Wholesale Carrier for the last six consecutive years, is growing rapidly across geographies and operating companies. To continue its success, Liquid Telecom is updating and future-proofing its technology systems to ensure the business can scale rapidly, while still delivering an exceptional customer experience.

    By standardizing and automating its quoting, pricing and order management with the CloudSense platform, Liquid Telecom will have a seamless, replicable sales process. The implementation of a single sales platform across the organization will also bring transparency to the sales process and increase the visibility of customers – delivering a fully joined-up customer journey.

    CloudSense was the clear choice to help Liquid Telecom achieve its goals due to the company’s extensive experience in Communications, its flexible product model, comprehensive services offering and its ability to provide a rapid implementation. Specifically, CloudSense will provide Configure Price Quote (CPQ), Contract Lifecycle Management, Order Management and Product Catalog.

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    Making more of Salesforce with CloudSense

    As current Salesforce Sales Cloud users, Liquid Telecom wants to extend its Salesforce capabilities across the organization. The CloudSense platform will provide a number of essential components to underpin Liquid Telecom’s digital reinvention and help the business make the most of its investment in Salesforce.

    CloudSense’s centralized product catalog will produce the rules and eligibility criteria to guide Liquid Telecom’s sales process. This unified product catalog will carry greater significance as Liquid Telecom invest in new technologies and offer customers the ability to self-serve, with additional value-add products. Sales will also benefit enormously from the increased speed and accuracy offered by CloudSense’s CPQ functionality.

    Order Management will centralize and standardize processes and data across Liquid Telecom. This will ensure the right products and services are provided first time, every time for customers – joining up sales and delivery. Along with improving the customer experience, this will guarantee all revenue is maintained by removing the possibility of errors and any costs incurred post sale.

    Contract Lifecycle Management will automate contracts to maintain the auditability and integrity of all contracts and data while further streamlining the sales process with CloudSense’s click approve functionality.

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    “The CloudSense platform supplies the transparency, standardization and automation we need on Salesforce”

    Raoul Du Plessis, Liquid Telcom’s CIO, explained why CloudSense was the right fit for Africa’s connectivity leader. “As Liquid Telecom grows, our customer experience remains our priority. The CloudSense platform supplies the transparency, standardization and automation we need on Salesforce to provide a truly joined-up experience – from sales through to delivery and beyond for our customers – while also giving us the scalability we require across the business.”

    CloudSense’s CEO & Co-Founder, Richard Britton, is delighted to see CloudSense expand into new geographies, “Liquid Telecom are our first client in Africa which is truly exciting for us. Although it’s new territory geographically, our platform is tried and tested by leading Communications providers worldwide and we’re looking forward to giving Liquid Telecom the platform it needs to continue to grow and provide an exceptional experience for customers.”


“The CloudSense platform supplies the transparency, standardization and automation we need on Salesforce to provide a truly joined-up experience – from sales through to delivery and beyond for our customers.”

Raoul Du Plessis, CIO, Liquid Telcom