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Industry-Specific Commerce


You need to provide the right experience for your customers, for your employees and for your industry. Across all your products and across all your channels. To deliver that not just today but also for the future you need solutions that are specific to your industry. The alternative is a constant commitment in both time and money to custom development to bridge the gap to the functionality and experience you need to be successful. Over time this technical debt builds as more and more custom development is undertaken to maintain the solution, slowing down innovation and increasing risk and cost.

With CloudSense you benefit from an end-to-end solution for the full commerce journey across every sales channel with industry specific functionality and data models to deliver the performance and experience you need and your customers want. CloudSense can help, whether you are a Communications Services Provider, Media company, Utilities supplier or a high scale company looking for a more comprehensive Commerce solution delivered seamlessly with your Salesforce CRM.