cross-media ad sales


Navigating modern-day media’s endless channels, evolving content consumption and non-traditional competitors grows ever more complex. With traditional media dwindling and web, social and mobile skyrocketing, satisfying advertisers and increasing revenues has never been tougher. Relying on disconnected systems, siloed data and manual processes to sell, deliver and manage your ads and subscriptions will leave you battling to match up to your competitors or meet customer expectations.

CloudSense’s next-generation ad sales platform empowers you to capitalize on the wave of change and galvanise your ad sales. CloudSense transforms cross-media sales, ad booking, subscription sales and order management across print, digital and broadcast. With CloudSense and Salesforce you get a single integrated advertising sales hub that empowers you to meet your audience on the right channels, drive efficiencies and get the real-time insights you need to become a trusted digital advisor for your customers.

Cross-media ad sales

A single ad booking hub on Salesforce

CloudSense’s intelligent commerce platform empowers your organization to sell and deliver next-generation cross-media campaigns. Quote faster and more accurately by automating manual order management processes and enable your sales teams to sell digital, broadcast and print ads in a single guided quote. Our revolutionary media data model, intelligent workflows and bi-directional ad server integrations combine to offer seamless ad delivery and real-time reporting all from Salesforce.

Key features

  • Sell print, digital and broadcast
  • Industry leading Media data model
  • 100% Salesforce native
  • Plug & play ad server integration
  • A single catalog for complex advertising requirements
  • Real-time single view of all bookings, customers and campaign performance
  • Revenue forecasting and recognition reporting

Turbocharge ad ops efficiency

Optimize campaigns for maximum yield

Deliver exactly what you sell your customers. Get 360-degree visibility of inventory and instantly book orders on your ad server directly from Salesforce. Forecast accurately and automate reports for key campaign metrics. Optimize performance with in-flight changes for campaigns or line items and see campaign deliverables in real-time. Manage and optimize entire campaign lifecycles from end-to-end to deliver optimal results and maximize yield.

Key features

  • Two-way ad server integration
  • Advanced dashboards & reporting capabilities
  • Integration to downstream systems
  • Real-time revenue forecasting
  • Intelligent workflows & approvals
  • Automated order push to ad servers

Seamless integrations on Salesforce

Plug and play integrations

CloudSense integrates with Google Ad Manager and other leading ad servers and exchanges directly in Salesforce for seamless real-time digital sales, order and campaign management. Quote faster and more accurately by reducing manual processes, eliminating re-keying of data and showing accurate revenue and reporting information in Salesforce. Track, optimize and report on all digital ad campaigns or line items in real-time with seamless ad server integration. Unify your ad sales, production, ad operations and finance teams on a single integrated cloud platform. Reduce IT costs with our out-of-the-box integrations to other key applications including ERP systems and e-Signature for frictionless user experiences from proposal to billing.

Key features

  • Product and rate cards mastered on Google Ad Manager
  • Full bi-directional integration between Salesforce and Google Ad Manager
  • Scheduled synchronization to update Salesforce
  • Change proposals, line records and make in-flight changes from within Salesforce or Google Ad Manager
  • Gain context and visibility around ad bookings for key revenue and business intelligence

Friction-free subscription management

Maximize recurring revenue

The subscription economy is booming, and your business will too with CloudSense Subscription Management. Easily model, launch and configure any product in a single product catalog – from complex to high-volume subscriptions. Rapidly bring new services to market with product and price configuration changes that take minutes, not weeks. Accelerate sales with optimized cross-selling and upselling. Automatically provision friction-free subscription access to personalize experiences and maximize value to individual users with flexible price offers and discount. Enable customers & partners to manage their entitlements whenever they want through intuitive self-service portals. Get a 360-degree view of all customers, subscriptions and processes in one system with real-time reporting.

Key features

  • User friendly interface
  • CloudSense Media data model
  • Guided selling tool
  • Offline mobile sales app
  • Real-time status view
  • Easy to use, point-and-click modelling and deployment tools
  • Self-service portals

All your ad sales on Salesforce

Unify ad sales, ad ops & finance all on Salesforce

The CloudSense Media Platform extends your Salesforce functionality and helps you maximize your investment. Our Ad Sales, CPQ and Order Management capabilities integrate natively into your existing Salesforce instance, along with your ad server and billing systems to create a single place to manage and view customers, bookings, ad performance and pipeline using real-time reports and dashboards.


  • Quote, sell and deliver from Salesforce
  • CloudSense Media data model
  • Role specific interfaces
  • Increase value and adoption of CRM
  • Combined customer CRM & Commerce data

How Newsday made Salesforce its advertising hub with CloudSense

Newsday is a Long Island based print and digital publisher offering unparalleled coverage to a 1.2 million weekly audience and reaching nearly half of all households on Long Island, New York. With CloudSense, Newsday has seamlessly replaced Google DSM and gained real-time visibility and control over its digital advertising.

James Kober Newsday

“Without CloudSense, we wouldn’t be able to make informed decisions around our sales pipeline or report in real time.”

James Kober
Senior Director of Advertising Product and Technology


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