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Omnichannel Commerce
Built for your Industry on Salesforce

The CloudSense Platform is an end-to-end solution for the full commerce journey across every sales channel with industry specific functionality to deliver the performance and experience you need and your customers want. Whether you are a Communications Provider, Media business, Utilities supplier or a high scale company looking for a more comprehensive Commerce solution, CloudSense can help.

CloudSense is 100% built on the scalable, reliable and secure Salesforce Platform. The CloudSense Platform is designed to transform sales effectiveness from high complexity Business to Business products to high volume Business to Consumer services. Bringing together the best in Commerce and CRM you benefit from seamless working, increased user adoption and faster innovation.

Companies benefit from higher order values, reduced order errors, increased automation of sales processes and quicker product launches. The customer purchase journey is optimized with a single product catalogue across all sales channels; customers end up with one order and one bill. Industry specific interfaces, features and data models lower the cost of ownership and accelerate innovation by removing the custom build gap.

Integrating into ERP and other systems the CloudSense platform provide companies with a powerful Commerce SaaS capability for sales teams, eCommerce, mobile workforce, Customer Service Agents, retail, reseller and telephone sales. CloudSense goes beyond Configure Price Quote (CPQ) with intelligent sales, contract and order management for any channel.

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CloudSense delivers a transformational experience for your customers and your people. Bring together all your commerce activity to create a seamless buying and delivery journey, with specific apps optimized for specific channels.

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Scalable, reliable and secure. CloudSense is built on

Your customers’ buying has been reinvented. You need to sell the right products, on the right sales channels and provide the right experience. To deliver exceptional digital experiences for your people and your customers you need a solution that brings together the best technology working in harmony. The CloudSense Platform has always run on Salesforce, designed to bring you the most advanced commerce and delivery capability in apps that complement and enhance the Salesforce Sales, Service, Marketing and Analytics Clouds. Our Industry-specific focus provides a solution that delivers the features and experience you need for your customers. Salesforce, a CloudSense investor, work hand in hand with CloudSense to deliver customer success. Our Industry data models, product catalog, processes and integrations extend Salesforce and remove the need for custom development. You benefit from a reduced total cost of ownership and faster innovation.

CloudSense Platform key features

CloudSense has broad and rich functionality that delivers the commerce experience you want to drive the results you need. Here we outline some of the key industry capabilities and platform features.