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Orchestrator: Order Management

For your customers the sale is merely the beginning of the journey with your company. The ability to go beyond this initial transaction and provide a continually exceptional experience is crucial to your success. But, if your organization lacks a joined-up commerce platform, the inevitable disconnect between your sales and delivery immediately leaves you struggling to provide this ongoing service.

Particularly if you provide ongoing services and subscriptions, commercial process management is key – not only for fulfilling new orders – but to also effectively navigate the changes between services over time. The frictionless delivery of any promised move, upsell and cross-sell is paramount to maximizing your customer lifetime value.

Orchestrator, the next-generation Order Management solution from CloudSense, gives you the power to deliver every order quickly and seamlessly with pre-built and easily configurable templates for complex and long-running processes – all in Salesforce.

With the only Salesforce-native drag & drop tooling for process automation and commercial order management, Orchestrator empowers your business users to drive operational efficiencies and personalized, 1:1 customer experiences tailored to your industry.

The CloudSense Order Management difference



Empower your people with Order Management

CloudSense Order Management provides unprecedented automation, visibility and insight – taking your people to the next level and empowering them to deliver for your customers.

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